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About Me

My Background

I am a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Upon graduation I had the terrible idea to work in corporate advertising for a couple of years. Odd as it might seem I just didn't quite fit in to whole 8-5 crapfest. so I got the genius idea to pursue a life dedicated to art. 

My Medium

The first medium I was drawn to was charcoal. I love smudging! When I get done with a charcoal piece I am typically covered in soot looking like a chimney sweep. 

My other main medium is acrylic paint. I tend to paint on old wood that I find in dilapidated barns or buildings. I love the texture that wood adds to a piece. 

My Inspiration

 I live for art.
I want to be inspired. 

I want to inspire you.
I like life on the wild side.
I currently live in Park City, UT.
Its pretty wild here. 

My Blog